An Incident Happened: Now What?

All too often an incident or accident happens at a place of business, and the business owner finds out years later that a claim has been filed by the person who was injured or worse, their attorney. Our claims department is there to help you manage the claim, but there are some things you can do beforehand to help.

The first thing is to investigate all accidents that happen in your place of business and retain the investigation for future reference. Photographs of where the incident took place and documenting the circumstances surrounding the incident are extremely helpful. Speak to your legal counsel for a recommendation on how long it should be retained (usually the number of years – such as three – for which a person could bring a claim against you).

Second, report the incident to our claims department! The sooner we know something happened, the sooner we can help you figure out where to go and what to do next. It’s very important not to alter anything – unless there is an immediate safety need – until we’ve had a chance to see it. If any evidence exists our accident reconstruction specialists can help identify the root cause of an accident and possibly identify other parties who might be at fault.

We know that business owners are not out to cause damage or hurt people, but accidents and incidents can happen in your place of business. How you, as a business owner, respond to them can make a major difference in the outcome.