23 04, 2015

Choosing The Right Bicycle Helmet


Choosing and properly wearing the right bicycle helmet helps protect you when you’re riding. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers these tips: Buy/Fit the Helmet for Now. Buy a helmet that fits your head. The same applies for kids. Don’t buy a helmet they’ll “grow into.” Ensure [...]

6 04, 2015

Insurance coverage for Weddings and other Special Events


We know that your special day is all you have been dreaming about — and all that you can't stop worrying about. Put your mind at ease and we'll help you protect against the unanticipated. What if your venue suddenly goes out of business? What if the bridal salon loses [...]

9 09, 2014

Does My Home Insurance Cover My Sports Collection?


Sports fans – how safe are your collectibles? Would your treasured baseball card collection survive a flood? What might happen to your Michael Jordan autographed basketball in a house fire? What if burglars swipe your signed Wayne Gretzky jersey? These questions are not designed to make you paranoid about your [...]

8 08, 2014

Understanding Your Homeowners Policy


If you're a homeowner, or are considering buying a home, you'll want to know the basics of homeowners insurance. "The I's on Insurance: Your Homeowners Coverage" explains what most policies cover (and don't cover). Watch and learn about liability, additional living expenses and other coverages in your insurance policy. And [...]

31 07, 2014

Car Depreciation: How Much Value Have You Lost?


When people buy homes, they purchase them with the expectation that the value will rise over time, building equity. This is not the case with cars. These expensive purchases lose value over time, and the rate of loss varies according to the car’s age, make and model. You may not [...]