31 07, 2014

Car Depreciation: How Much Value Have You Lost?


When people buy homes, they purchase them with the expectation that the value will rise over time, building equity. This is not the case with cars. These expensive purchases lose value over time, and the rate of loss varies according to the car’s age, make and model. You may not [...]

3 07, 2014

4th of July Fireworks: Beautiful, Patriotic… and Dangerous


According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 60% of all fireworks injuries occur around July 4th. While these loud bursts of light and color add flair to celebrations, it should be remembered that fireworks are explosive devices and must be handled with care. Many communities celebrate the Fourth of [...]

23 06, 2014

Staying safe when lightning strikes


During the summer weather, it can be tempting to play one more hole of golf, hike just one more mile, or throw a few more pitches to a budding baseball player. But if lightning is in the area, those decisions can be dangerous. Lightning is the third largest storm-related killer [...]

12 06, 2014

The Cost of Flooding


Only 2 inches of water can cost thousands of dollars in damages

14 05, 2014

Ride-sharing Services and Your Insurance Policy


Americans are nothing if not entrepreneurial. If there’s an opportunity out there to make a buck a new way, or by doing an old way in a less expensive or more convenient way, somebody somewhere is going to seize it. It’s happened with phone service, TV service, shopping, dining out, [...]

22 04, 2014

Make reducing and recycling part of your routine


“Reduce, reuse, recycle.” Most likely, you've heard that phrase connected with information about saving natural resources and even saving your family money. But how many of us really make reducing, reusing and recycling a part of our everyday life? We try to do our part to protect our environment and [...]